Route 66 Pulls Into Little Italy during The 30th Annual Little Italy Arts Festival - June 5th 6th & 7th 2015

Pull into the experience of Route 66 with David Schwartz Photography, June 5th-9th with the Pics on Route 66 Wood Panel Collage Exhibit. Wood panels start at $60 apiece. Live the experience through the lens of David’s journey through Route 66.

David Schwartz Photography

 2025 Random Road

Cleveland OH 44106

 During The Little Italy Summer Festival, June 5th-9th. 

 Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-9pm and Sunday 12-6pm.

 Since 2004, David has captured life at every angle on Route 66, from the people, places and personal experience, resulting in over 100 images. Adding to his growing collection, David will be introducing many new images to his Pics on Route 66 Wood Panel Collage Exhibit. Take a drive over at Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, Will Rogers Highway and Main Street of America, was established November 11, 1926. It served as a major thoroughfare for people traveling West during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, starting in Chicago, Illinois and ending in Santa Monica, California; reaching 2,448 miles. Today, much of Route 66 has been taken out of the Interstate Highway system, although parts still remain and are marked as historic Route 66 in some states. Traveling the original path, David’s photography captures the history and majesty of what made this road significant to those traveling the through during the mid-century.* 

Through his travels, he met people who still did business with a handshake, breathtaking landscape and larger than life vintage signs; remnants of the emotions of the mid-twentieth century. One of the most memorable shoots happened in 2004 with Robert Delgadillo from the Snow Cap Drive-In. Robert demonstrated The Famous Snow Cap Mustard Bottle Trick, to which David later credited the image, Robert Delgadillo Pulls The Famous Snow Cap Mustard Bottle Trick. He was still shooting film at that point, “[O]ne frame was all I took.  I didn’t want to hold up the line and bug him to repeatedly do it,” Schwartz writes in his blog, “[F]or the rest of the trip I prayed that the image turned out”. When he returned home, the image developed perfectly with the only edit being the addition of the color yellow for the mustard bottle and mustard, aka string, Robert shot towards the camera. To this day, this image hangs in the window of The Snow Cap Drive-In. With every return visit, David discovers new stories and new experiences up and down the original Route 66. In his own words, he hopes his collection “influence[s] others to get off the super slab of endless repetition” of highway and sample the “originality of small town America” and meet the family owned and run businesses along the road. Also on display will be limited edition prints of Cleveland, Wade Lagoon and more.

Other opportunities to view and purchase images by David Schwartz will be with Tara Seibel Art Gallery, 12201 Mayfield Road, with her newest art exhibit Viva Italia! Her gallery features not only David’s work but artwork by Ralph Solonitz and her own paintings, sketches, and illustrations. David Schwartz is a creative, multi-dimensional commercial, people, product, and fine art photographer. He is the owner of David Schwartz Photography Studio and Gallery in the Little Italy Historic District of Cleveland; celebrating his second anniversary in Little Italy. David’s personal interests include community involvement, historical preservation, gardening, traveling, and downhill skiing. For more information about David Schwartz Photography or to book an appointment, please call 216-269-2625. *Wikipedia. (n.d.). Route 66. Retrieved from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia:

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