David J. Schwartz

A Bit of Gratitude<br />
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Photography is my passion and my connection to the world. I can honest say it’s what brought me out of my shell to live and breathe in the world. I feel fortunate to do what I do. Whether it be creating an engaging portrait of a surgeon in the OR, making energetic lifestyle images with students, capturing the raw intensity of the music scene I love, collaborating with LED Flo artists with a slow camera and a fast strobe, or pointing my camera down a 2,400 mile long highway with a child’s eyes in a world of amazement, I feel blessed to be able to live and expand upon my dream. So I would like to express my gratitude. To all the folks who have given me opportunities, believed in me, stood in front of my camera, pushed me, kindly smiled, granted me access, encouraged me, danced in front of my lens, talked shop, spent time looking at my images, said a positive word, told me your story, been my friend, pushed me further, purchased my art, fixed me a meal, or photo-bombed my shot (Haha!) – THANK YOU! You all know who you are; in fact, if you are reading this, it’s probably you! If it is not, but you’ve spent your time reading this note, we may have the same philosophy – we should meet! Hats off to all of you! Life is a journey, the road is the destination, the people make the difference in the ride!

About Me

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